Buying and selling properties in Japan

Foreign nationals are able to purchase property without restriction in Japan. With the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, interest towards Japanese real estate has been steadily growing, and our office has received numerous inquiries regarding proper procedure for purchasing and selling properties in Japan. We have listed just some of the real estate-related services that we offer below:


  • Information Gathering and Provision on Potential Properties
  • Initial Cost Estimation & Explanation Property Acquisitions Taxes, Fixed Asset Taxes, Stamp Duties, Registration and Licensing Fees, Legal Fees, Property Management Reserve Funds, Brokerage Fees, Insurance Premiums, and more.
  • Legal Contract Check, Confirmation, and Revision
  • Property Management Assistance

Procedures of the purchase

  • Escrow Remittance Timing
  • Risks of Foreign Exchange
  • Utilizing Loans in a Purchase
  • Registration Procedures
  • Delivery and Management of the Title Deed


  • Applicable Annual Taxes Post-Purchase
  • Tax Return Filing on Real Estate Revenue
  • Bank Account Creation
  • Taxes upon Selling the Property

Licensed Judicial Scriveners (shio-shoshi) with decades of cumulative experience, we are more than accomplished in assisting clients with property purchases in both Tokyo and Singapore. Please feel free to contact us today if you are interested in investing in real estate in Japan.

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