Expanding your business to Japan

A number of regulations need to be met, and procedures undertaken, in order to legally conduct business in Japan. We partner with an international accounting firm in order to ensure that our clients expand to Japan as smoothly as possible. We have listed some of our corporate expansion-oriented services below:

  • Incorporation Assistance
  • License and Permit Applications
  • Visa Applications
  • Bank Account Creation
  • Office Rental
  • Consultation on Legal Affairs
  • Accounting Services *Provided by our partner accounting firm.
  • Tax Filing Services *Provided by our partner accounting firm.
  • 採用サイト
  • 新東京プロパティーズ
  • 司法書士法人・行政書士 新東京国際リーガル
  • 国際・渉外案件専門センター